Repositioning help

Full picture edit:

Hover over picture and toggle `Full edit` by pressing `SHIFT + ~`

Move picture:

click and hold mouse while holding `CTRL`

Hover over picture and hold `SHIFT + arrow keys`

Scale image:

Hover over picture and press `SHIFT + minus or plus`

Center image at current size:

Hover over picture and press `SHIFT + 1`

Hints & Tips

How can I create a photo mosaic with my music album artwork?
Select the mosaic menu icon and then click Album Artwork. If you do not see the Album Artwork option it may be because you do not have any album artwork on your device.
All I see is a circle.
Tap it.
Can I export as a PDF?
Yes! Export as an infinitely scalable vector PDF by sharing via email.
Can I export as a jpeg?
Yes! To save your creation as a full resolution jpeg, export to camera role in app via the share button.
How do I undo?
You can undo any action by shaking the device. (yeah…we know it is a bit cumbersome)
How do I restore purchases?
To restore purchases click '?' and then select 'Restore Purchases'.
How do I move the menu control icon?
Touch and hold the menu control + icon to make it dissolve into the ether.
When will Part be available on my favorite platform?
Part is a Universal iOS app. It works on all devices running iOS 5.01 and above including iPod Touch and the latest Retina display iPad. Follow @madewithpart on Twitter for real time updates on new feature and platform releases.
Do you have any suggestions how to make cool images?
- Converting circles to squares makes a great starting point for tile portraits or pixel art.
- White backgrounds create a natural and organic edge on your part creation.
- For a really striking result, start with a picture that has high contrast and bold colors.
- Be sparing with your touch. Try not converting all the parts evenly. A less even look can encourage a second look.
How do I share my creation?
You can share to Facebook by hitting the share button and touch the facebook icon and follow the instructions. If you have the Facebook app installed on the same device as Part its makes sharing your art even easier easy. You can also post to your Twitter and Muzy accounts. We do. Follow us on Twitter @madewithpart or on Muzy @madewithpart
Where did those dice images come from?
If you are using Part 1.2 or Part 1.3 those images came from our boys in New Zealand. If you would like to see more our teams creative work check out MEA Mobile's YouTube Channel.
…it's coming
How do I reveal secret bonus features?
…hmm…. Look harder. …and follow @madewithpart on Twitter where you might find some hints.
How do I order an iPhone 4/4S case using my creation?
In the share menu tap the Tap2Print icon.
Do the iPhone cases ship world wide?
What other cool stuff does MEA Mobile make?
We made the iGloLEDset. That is pretty cool. MEA Mobile had 4 out of the top ten iPad apps in the App Store (including Part). We've worked on apps for some big boys like WeSC, RipCurl, Levi's, MTV Press and well as startups. Check out MEA Mobile for more info on new creations.
We'd love to partner with Part for a special event or promotion.
Great. Please email part at meamobile dot com. We'd love to hear from you.
I have a great idea for a new feature.
Cool. Contact us via Twitter or email MEA Mobile and we'd be glad to consider.
Your app is great.
Thanks. We like it too. If you have suggestions about how to make it better we would love to hear from you.
Your app is horrible.
Sorry you don't like it. You may be able to get a refund if you think the app is faulty. Use the 'Report a problem' button in Your Purchase History.
Can I have a job?
Maybe. MEA Mobile are always on the lookout for enthusiastic and determined filmmakers, coders and graphic designers.
Can you make an app for me?
Sure. But you should really contact MEA Mobile and talk to them.
How do I gift Part to a friend?
Click the gift package icon.
Can I use Part to create a hex code color palette and save it for my digital project or web site?
Wow really? Sure. Click the eye dropper icon to enter palette mode. Once you have the divisions you are after save via email and you will see a few options including export hex RBG. If you like this feature you may also want to try Part: Palette which includes the incredible Live Mode!
How do I unlock the Photo Mosaic feature?
Share three times.
I don't want to share.
Cool. You can unlock the Photo Mosaic feature exporting to your camera roll or emailing a creation to your self a few times.